May 16, 2011


As you have no doubt been alerted by the blogoshere Swords & Wizardry 4th printing is now available. Go get it immediately. It is still my favorite retro-clone.

I've only skimmed through it, but I can already tell I like the layout better than the Complete Edition, and it is back to the original, and more appropriate, cover. That cover was very well done it just didn't feel right for S&W, unless it was for a Cthulhu edition of S&W! Still, I can't help but feel the 1st printing nailed it so well that it is difficult to improve upon.

Though I nit pick (can't help it) S&W IV looks potentially good.


  1. Has it been substantially changed in terms of content?

  2. Paladin, here's the FAQ for that. :)

    Mainly additional alternatives or more resources, not underlying changes. As examples, (a) the full saving throw matrix is included as an alternative for those who don't like the single saving throw category, (b) a wilderness encounter table is included, (c) there are some more monsters, (d) attribute effects and hit dice comport with Supplement 1 instead of being a fusion with WhiteBox, [this is where the changes are - polyhedral HD instead of modified d6, open door rolls, etc],(e) there is a alternative sequence of battle similar to that of the Holmes blue book, (f) there is a two-page sample campaign setting (using my Mythrus Tower campaign). In-combat movement rates fixed/clarified. Various errata, mostly grammatical or layout. I think that's about it. Some new art. Sample dungeon mapping symbols, different sample dungeon map.