May 9, 2011

Megadungeon Monday

I came up with a name for my regular Geomorph column: Megadungeon Monday. I've experimented with various looks for the geomorphs, here I present 3 versions. Basic B&W, classic blueline, and a burnt sienna color inspired by the Desert of Desolation series maps which I've always been fond of. Your opinion is valued as to which color these should be posted in the future. Enjoy.


  1. Definitely love the burnt sienna color... Brings back fond memories of G3 Hall of the Fire Giant...

  2. Here's a challenge. Can you put them in a PDF so that you can switch between the different colors as desired?

    For an example, see this character sheet PDF.

    What do you think?

  3. love burnt sienna.
    I can do the PDF, when I've made enough to warrant collecting them in a bundle.

  4. Not blue. Blue was designed to be photocopy proof and so it wouldn't bleed through and be visible through the module cover. It is a pain in the ass to print.

    Personally, I prefer the black / grey look because it mixes well with the existing geomorphs out there and is high contrast. Since I print geomorphs for use (instead of using Daven's Mapper), the usability and interoperability of the printed version is paramount to my suggestions.