May 16, 2011

My Two Favorite Dungeoneer Aids

From the beginning Dungeoneer has endured accusations of less than perfect rules, though we have tried to rewrite and polish the rules a half-dozen times it was never enough to satisfy the critics (though sales remained strong). However, two fan-made gameplay aids have stood out as the best resources to help you play Dungeoneer.

Dungeoneer Numbered Rules

Dungeoneer Turn Summary

I have linked to these files for a long time, but I realize they are so valuable that they are worth bumping into the prime position on this blog. I have linked them on the top two links to the right in order to give them maximum exposure, especially for anyone new to Dungeoneer.

If you buy a Dungeoneer set, toss the included rule sheet and use these resources instead. You will save yourself a lot of time and headache, and you will really enjoy the game.


  1. I think your rules are easy to understand. But for anyone who is not, these aids come in handy.

    Ummm, I forgot, photo of the fantastic game that I enjoyed a few weeks ago ...


    Thanks for this great game

  2. Thanks!

    Now if only Atlas would reprint Woods and Wererats...

  3. Paladin in this store in israel are the two expansions. ¡¡Some Spanish players we bought there two weeks ago!!

  4. Danann: Desert + Ice + Tomb!!! wow, you are crazy. Looks like fun. :)

    Paladin: don't you know it.

    Danann: wow, I wish I could order all their copies of Den & Woods! Unfortunately, the website doesn't work for me.

  5. True Thomas, the English version of the site not working properly. I have sent an email to see if they are kind enough to contact you and you are interested in expansion. Have given them your email.

    If you try to write to them to see if we are lucky. This is your email.

    I hope you have luck