May 12, 2021

Bookmark Dungeon: Uncovering The Marauder

Something a little different and experimental this time.

1. A weathered and brush covered entrance leads to this cave that was carved out with strange tools. Scraps of metal litter the ground, and the remains of a few corpses. One wall is entirely made out of metal with strange markings and shapes. Two holes in the center and a smaller one off to the left lead into metallic rooms (areas 2 & 5).

2. This cramped corridor has several metal closets each with a strange circular door on them that can be opened by turning what appears to be a small wheel and latch. Each contains an alien specimen, some very hostile if allowed to escape.

3. This little corridor has 3 locked doors that make an audible whoosh when opened or closed. The floor is sterile cold metal. Strange magical white lights illuminate the area with a subtle flicker.

4. strange metal staves are arrayed with odd clothing (laser rifles and space suits). Double airlocks lead to the launch bays (areas 5).

5. This long cylindrical hallway has magic bluish blinking lights that emit no heat. Three small wheel-less carts are lined up that have a seat for one person inside them.

6. Several beds in pods fill this area (crew quarters).

7. Large metal boxes, blinking lights, strange smooth ropes, and all manner of odd gear line the walls and fills this large room. There are metallic men that are hostile to intruders that may be alerted and attack.

8. A giant black window covers the forward facing wall. There are seats in front of a table that is like a metal box with what appear to be glowing gems, metal handles, strange glyphs, and all manner of blinking lights (control room and piloting stations)

May 10, 2021

Bookmark Beastie: Electric Eel Mermaid

 I was experimenting with the bookmark layout I use for Bookmark Dungeons and seeing if I could fit a beastie on there. This is the result. This would work well for most monsters, though I think many of the more interesting ones would get a bit crowded or not fit at all.

May 9, 2021

Beasties: Electric Eel Mermaid

 Electric Eel Mermaid

Medium humanoid (merfolk), neutral Evil

Ecology: subtropical, aquatic freshwater
# App: 2-8 (2d4)
Move: 3”/12”
HD: 6 (36hp)
BHB:  +6
AC: 15 [4]
# of Attacks: 2
Damage: bite 2-7 (1d6+1), claw 1-4 (1d4)
Save: [F1] 16
Treasure: A (water)
Challenge/XP: 8/700

Special: electric shock 30’ radius 2-12 (2d6) damage save for half, electricity immunity, breathe water 

The electric eel mermaid is a highly territorial and aggressive creature. They can emit an electrical charge in the water that affects anyone within a 30’ radius. They require 2-7 (1d6+1) rounds to recharge. This ability only works by touch out of water.

Electric eel mermaids inhabit freshwater river basins, floodplains, swamps, creeks, small rivers, and coastal plains.

May 7, 2021

Bookmark Dungeon: Shady Bastion of Teutbert the Deadly

 Shady Bastion of Teutbert the Deadly

Once the king's most trusted soldier, Teutbert has turned against the order of holy paladins he once belonged to. Now he rules an armed rebellion from a fortified bastion on the edge of the kingdom.

May 5, 2021

Bookmark Dungeon: Baneful Cavern of Landina of the Berserk Skull

 Baneful Cavern of Landina of the Berserk Skull

Deep in the raven black woods where the foothills meet the great mountains is rumored to be a small cavern that is home to werewolves.

May 3, 2021

Al Williamson Strange World Adventures

 Al Williamson's portrayal of the sword & planet genre, mostly through his work on Flash Gordon has long been my favorite. While Frazetta rightfully gets credit for his fantastic interpretations of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Williamson is the artist I would mostly liked to have seen do adaptations of the John Carter of Mars books into graphic format. Particularly his portrayal of fantastic cities on alien worlds.

Recently Flesk Publishing put together an amazing retrospective of Al Williamson's work that I highly recommend for any fan of pulp science fiction and adventure.

Clocking in at 128 pages it features a lot of behind the scenes, photos, unpublished work, as well as large full resolution reproductions of completed pages some inked by Frazetta.

An added bonus is this little page done on spec of what a Pellucidar graphic story could look like with the craftsmanship of Al Williamson. In a more fair universe we could have seen many of ERB's works illustrated by Al. But he achieved fame and recognition through his Star Wars comics which sort of took the mantle of sword and planet adventures, and left Barsoom, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers in the rearview mirror.

Bookmark Dungeon: Vile Necropolis

 Vile Necropolis of Hildebold and the Reborn Prince