Apr 28, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Last week we talked about how to combine heroes with the new Legendary set. Just to be clear, last week's example was to show how to combine old heroes with the new hero cards, the example card we used was from Tomb of the Lich Lord she is not in the new Legendary set. Nearly all the cards and art in the new set are original and unique to that set!

This week we present a fun little card with a really annoying mechanic. This one isn't mind blowing or revolutionary, but I really expect it to be a favorite for many players. Distraction:

So for a relatively low cost of 4 Glory you can give one of your Peril to another player once per turn. Stay tuned for next week when we reveal a new map card from the Legendary set.

Apr 26, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Last week we showed you Elendus Sular the Arcane Archer so this week we will see how the hero cards combine from heroic (1st) to legendary (10th) levels.

Here is the Sorceress from the original Tomb of the Lich Lord. Any hero can be combined with any other hero in the heroic/epic/legendary chain. For example the Sorceress is heroic level and can combine with any epic level hero. Here she is combined with the epic level Spellslinger from Call of the Lich Lord to become an Elf Sorceress Spellslinger:

She could just as well be combined with another epic level hero instead such as the Mageblade to become an Elf Sorceress Mageblade:

When combined like this the 4th level stats are added with the + stats, so at 5 level the Elf Sorceress Mageblade would have 7 (6+1) Magic.

Finally we can add any legendary level hero card to upgrade the Elf Sorceress Spellslinger, in this example we add the Arcane Archer to end up with an Elf Sorceress Spellslinger Arcane Archer (whew!):

If you do not have an epic level Dungeoneer set and only have a heroic and a legendary set, not to worry! There is a simple way to combine the sets. When your hero achieves 4th level she is automatically and instantly upgraded to 7th level! But you will have to line up the card at the beginning of the legendary stats and take the 7th level stats, even if that means a lower score in something (ignore the hero race if it is different on the legendary card):

That's all for this week's sneak peek. Sorry the posting was a little late, its been hectic here around Studio Denmark making cool art for you to enjoy!

Apr 17, 2007

Dungeoneer Adventures sale final week!

This is the final week for the Dungeoneer Adventures sale. This is the essential resource guide for the Dungeoneer expandable card game and it is also a complete role-playing game and Dungeoneer world guide. Sunday at midnight we are removing it from our store.

Price is marked down 10%. (regularly $20.01, now just $18.01)!

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Apr 16, 2007

Dungeoneer Rules v. 2.3

Atlas Games has posted the newest rules set: version 2.3. As astute Dungeoneer player Silverdragon (slvrdragon41) has noted "I just read quickly through them. The only addition is how to handle the legendary and epic expansions in the back. Other than that there appear to be no rule changes."

We've gotten a lot of flak over the years about how the Dungeoneer rules are written, and honestly folks I've given it my best shot several times. 2.3 versions worth to be exact! As a new set comes out of course it has new rules, so the rules have grown over the years. But we've been careful to make the additions not overly complicated for new players and just enough to enhance the game play for long term fans.

The new 2.3 rules are identical to the 2.2 rules, we have only added and revised the section on combining sets and how to use epic and legendary sets as needed for the new set. This is the only new rules:

Combining Heroic, Epic, and Legendary Sets: Begin the game with the heroic deck; epic and legendary decks are set aside. As the last player achieves epic level, replace the Adventure and Quest decks with the epic set. Do the same with the legendary decks upon the last player achieving legendary level.

When combining epic sets (Levels 4–6) or legendary sets (Levels 7–9) with heroic sets (Levels 1–3), you do not gain the epic special abilities until you reach 4th Level, and the legendary abilities start at 7th Level. Stack the heroic Hero card on top of the epic Hero card and line them up at the red line. Similarly, a legendary Hero card would go underneath the epic card. Add the totals to determine your current score in each stat. Use the epic carry totals when you reach 4th Level, and the legendary totals at 7th Level; if this results in a reduction, immediately discard extra Treasures or Boons of your choice.

When an epic set is played alone, all players start at 4th Level. Legendary games begin at 7th Level. A hero gains Levels only by completing Quests of the appropriate grade.

Unlike standard games, in combined heroic/epic/legendary games Quests act as victory points. When you achieve epic level, the epic quests are not dealt out until everyone has achieved epic levels. But you may continue to complete global heroic quests; you do not gain levels for completing them, though, only victory points. The moment the last player achieves epic level then epic quests are dealt: 2 personal quests to each player and 1 global quest. Do the same for legendary level.

The moment a player achieves the highest level possible (7th Level in an epic game, 10th Level in legendary) the game is over. Count up the completed Quests’ victory points. The player with the most points wins. In the case of a tie the player with the highest level wins.

Each heroic quest = 1 victory point
Each epic quest = 2 victory points
Each legendary quest = 3 victory points

Combining heroic and legendary sets without an epic set requires that when the last player achieves 4th Level all heroes are automatically promoted to 7th Level. Continue normally as described above.
You can discuss the new rules here.


Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Some of you who have the Haunted Woods of Malthorin set may recall the archer hero Elendus Sular. Well, she has returned more powerful then ever ready to wage war on the Serpent Goddess. She is the first hero to naturally be able to inflict multiple wounds on a hit, and she can control Fiends to boot. What an elf!

Apr 10, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Of course Legendary Dungeoneer requires legendary treasures, and here is the infamous Axe of Retribution! With a steep price of 7 Glory you get a lot for your money: immediately gain a life (and just a little peril for balance) a whopping +3 melee and recover a life each time you score a hit! Wow. You'll notice it is categorized as a legendary weapon, this is a new rule in Legendary Dungeoneer, only legendary heroes (levels 7+) may use cards with the legendary category.

This card also represents a slight shift in the way art is used. This is also the character art for the Dwarf Barbarian hero card.

Apr 2, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer Off to Press!

Atlas Games has recently announced that Legendary Dungeoneer: Wrath of the Serpent Goddess has gone to press. To celebrate we will feature 1 card per week for the next 8 weeks, since it generally takes about 8 weeks from the time a set goes to press and it is finished printing.

Introducing Shenka Mercenary
Mercenaries have always been popular cards since the original Tomb of the Lich Lord with its Bannus Mercenary. Th Shenka Mercenary card has a bit of a steep price, but she offers +2 Melee and +3 Melee against Fiends. And like all mercenaries she will sacrifice herself to save you from harm.