Aug 27, 2019

Bookmark Dungeon: Shrine of Odolric the Cruel

This is a mini adventure that fits onto a standard 2"x6" bookmark.

Shrine of Odolric the Cruel
Deep in the jungle a lost shrine to a forgotten goddess bodes ill will.
A bookmark adventure for 2-5 players of 4th-6th level.

  1. The entrance is covered in detailed sculptures of snakes. Staring at them too long they seem to writhe.
  2. Three columns each in the form of a naga. They have 6 jeweled eyes worth 50gp each.
  3. The ceiling has partially collapsed. To the left the passage is completely blocked. There is a 50% chance some rubble will fall when exiting causing 1d6 points of damage.
  4. A Bone Naga lurks here. She is a guardian who will attack any trespassers.
  5. Chimes hang from the ceiling covering the entryway here, they are easily passed through, but will be noisy.
  6. Four small worship chambers are here. Searching each of them can uncover up to 200 gp, but will alert the Yuan-Ti in room 7.
  7. 2d4 Yuan-Ti are worshiping a demonic statue of Odolric the goddess of cruelty. She is in fact a Marilith demon. Reading the inscriptions on the statue will open a secret space with a bejeweled +3 dagger, and summon her within 1d6 rounds, she is not pleased.