Hello, welcome to my blog. I'm an illustrator and game designer, 20 year veteran of the video game industry, and long time gaming fan. This blog explores the roots, history, and ongoing evolution of roleplaying games, and other tabletop games in general.

I've developed a line of old-school roleplaying games using the OGL (Open Games License) allowing you to use, modify, and add on to these games and post your own material.

Warriors of the Red Planet - Sci-Fantasy "Sword & Planet"
Guardians Superheroes
Raiders - Archaeological Adventures
Freebooters - Pirates
Colonial Troopers - Hard Sci-Fi space marines in a hostile bug infested galaxy

These are published through Night Owl Workshop.

I've also designed the Dungeoneer and Murder of Crows card games.

Previews and works in progress of games in development by NightOwl Workshop are posted here as well as other musings on tabletop games and related items.

I'm always looking for talented writers and designers to work with, contact me with inquiries: