Dec 31, 2019

Pine Treant

Treant, Pine (Coniferous)
Giant (28’ tall) humanoids that look like pine trees and live in subarctic forests. They are concerned only with protecting the plants of their home. They speak their own long-winded and labyrinthine language. Far taller and more powerful than their warmer, southern cousins, a Pine Treant is a cantankerous secretive creature. They spend most of their time hibernating in the cold, but if stirred by fire become enraged and dangerous. They will chuck their unusually large and spiky pine cones at enemies.

AC 14, HD 10 (48hp), Att 2 × fist (2d6), Ranged Att 2 x pine cone (1d8) BAB +6, MV 60’ (20’), SV 12, ML 9, AL Neutral, CL/XP: 6/1200

  • Surprise: On a 1-3, in a forest, due to being mistaken for a tree. Encounter occurs at 30 yards or less.
  • Animate trees: Each individual can animate 2 trees (within 60’; may switch trees at will). These fight as treants with movement rate 30’ (10’).
  • Immune to cold.

Dec 1, 2019

Complete Original Dungeons and Dragons set for sale including Chainmail

Alright, I know I'm pushing a lot of stuff to sell lately, and it's Christmas time so you are being bombarded. My wife had me clean up the home office and I'm using the classic "Keep, Sell, Toss" method. So, lots of great old gaming stuff going up on ebay. A great present for that gamer in your life! (or yourself)

I'm selling my original white box set and all the expansion books for it. Chainmail through Swords & Spells. They are all in very good condition, with Chainmail having the most wear because it's been played a lot, it's still pretty good.

Original 1974 White Box Dungeons and Dragons Set




Eldritch Wizardry

Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes

Swords & Spells