Jan 31, 2024

Temple of Mallist


Mallist was an evil high priest in service of a minor god of corruption and pestilence. Cultists built a new temple for him. Darkness has fallen on the nearby lands.

Jan 30, 2024

Grotto of the Ungrateful Fiend


The child of an arch-devil didn't appreciate what his parents gave him, so they built a grotto to send him to for a few centuries until he would become grateful for all he'd been given.

Jan 29, 2024

Dungeon of Ro'Ahgna'a

Ro"Ahgna'a the half-demon built a dungeon under the cathedral to hide from the holy forces of the church of light, he is biding his time until a false priest can take control and he can unleash his horde of infernal demons upon the empire.

Jan 24, 2024

Valkyrie Character Class

This is a new NPC class in the OSR Book of Valkyries. It is designed for demi-goddesses, so a bit overpowered compared to a regular character class.


Prime Attribute: Wisdom, 13+ (+5% XP).
Attribute Requirement: 17+ Charisma
Hit Dice: 1d10.
Starting Hit points: 10 (1d10).
Armor/Shield Permitted: Any.
Weapons Permitted:  Any.
Alignment: Any but Evil.

A Valkyrie is chosen by Odin. Only a virgin human woman is given this honor. In rare circumstances Odin may choose a female duergar (dwarf), an elf, or even a Jotun. She is empowered by the All-Father with certain gifts and responsibilities. 

If a Valkyrie is slain while performing her duties she is resurrected and fully recovered in Valhalla the next day.

Valkyrie Statistics

Bifrost Travel: At will the Valkyrie can instantly travel the Bifrost rainbow bridge from any place on Midgard to Asgard and back. She can carry one person with her.

Spells: At 2nd level the Valkyrie is given a draught from the Mead of Poetry, wherein she gains the power to learn Seidr up to the 4th circle (level). She may choose from the Magic-User list.

Unseen: The Valkyrie is effectively invisible to mortals unless she chooses to be seen. She can be detected by means of seeing the invisible such as a Ring of True Sight or See Invisibility spells.

Swan Suit: At 3rd level she is given her Swan Suit that allows her to transform into a swan at will. Some Valkyries may be given a hawk or raven suit instead.

Helm of Truesight: At 4th level she is given a helmet that has the power of truesight.

Horn of Calling: At 5th level she is given a horn that will allow her to call other Valkyries, Einherjar, or Sturmwolves to her aid.

Winged Horse: The 6th level Valkyrie is given a winged horse from Valhalla’s stables personally by Odin.

Extraordinary Beauty: The Valkyrie gains +5 to Charisma.

Fylgur: At 8th level Odin may give a Valkyrie a personal spirit companion (see below).

Personal Hero: At 9th level the Valkyrie gets a personal hero she is responsible for, but who will also do anything for her up to and including giving his life. If she falls in love and marries him she loses her status and abilities as a Valkyrie and becomes, once again, a mortal woman.


A fylgja, meaning "follower," is a magical spiritual companion typically appearing as a small animal (such as a fox, squirrel, or raven) that is usually visible only to the person it accompanies, in this case, a Valkyrie. However, the fylgja or the Valkyrie can choose to make it visible to others. By focusing, the Valkyrie can perceive through the fylgja's senses, including sight, hearing, and smell. If the fylgja is injured, the Valkyrie will feel its pain but may not necessarily suffer any physical harm. The fylgja's personality mirrors that of its Valkyrie.

Each fylgja possesses the standard characteristics of its animal type along with one of the following abilities:
  1. Aura of fear - Projects an intimidating presence to ward off adversaries.
  2. Protection from Evil - Shields the Valkyrie from malicious forces or beings.
  3. Purify food and water - Removes impurities and contaminants from sustenance.
  4. Cure disease - Heals the afflicted of various ailments.
  5. Cure light wounds - Mends minor injuries.
  6. Precipitation - Manipulates weather to cause rainfall.
  7. Gust of wind - Generates a strong gust to repel or disperse objects or creatures.
  8. Remove poison - Neutralizes harmful toxins in a person or object.

Jan 23, 2024

Fortress of Amarath

 Amarath the bandit lord took over the northern fortress and made it a base of operations for his gang.

Jan 19, 2024

Vault of the Shadow Mage

The shadow mage has kidnapped an important NPC and taken them to his stronghold. The party must infiltrate the vault, rescue the NPC, and escape.


Jan 17, 2024

Dread Caverns of Kannebraus

 Ancient guardians protect a divine relic within a cave dungeon. Will the party manage to pass their tests and trials to claim it?

Jan 15, 2024

The Forsaken Chambers of Dravon Urus

 A prophecy foretold that a great calamity will occur unless a group of heroes can find a lost artifact hidden deep within a dangerous dungeon.

Jan 11, 2024

Ruins of Hartlon Keep

 Once a necessary defense on the edge of the badlands, Hartlon Keep has fallen into ruin and is inhabited by a goblin clan.

Jan 8, 2024

The Lost Dungeon of Tonis

Tonis was a cruel Baron of Ilbor Paiden who had a great dungeon built in which to condemn those who opposed him. After he died, infernal priests of Lashtar turned the dungeon into a great underground temple to their dark lord. Eventually their power faded and various nefarious creatures moved in.