Dec 29, 2007

Dungeoneer RPG update

The Dungeoneer RPG is 3 books in 1 box: Hero's Guide, Dungeonlord's Guide, and World Guide.

The Hero's Guide is completed and in layout.
The Dungeonlord's Guide is nearing completion and I expect to get the final revised document for layout at any time now.
The World Guide is even further along than the Dungeonlord's Guide.

The set looks to include 220 cards, over half the cards are done. It will also include tokens and dice.

I am currently working on finishing the covers for the 3 books. To the right you can see the sketch for the Dungeonlord's Guide. The high priestess of Nakari, who rules Ilbor Paiden with an iron fist, has a problem knight executed for his transgressions against the holy state (or as some would see it, the un-holy state).

As I've stated many times, this project has been a labor of love, not just some corporate product. Richard (the co-designer) and I have taken are time to make something we consider to be special. We hope that you will enjoy the Dungeoneer RPG as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

By all measures it looks like the Dungeoneer RPG is on track to be published in early 2008.