Nov 30, 2022

Warduke Wednesday

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Episode 05 - In Search of the Dungeon Master

Beastie of the Week - Noxious Bug Man

Noxious Bug Man
Medium Beast, Neutral, Underworld

No. Appearing: 2d4+1 (2d6+1)
Armor Class: 12
Hit Dice: 2+2 (10hp)
Move: 90’ (60’)
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 claws
Damage: 1d6+1 piercing, 1d4+1 slashing
Save: 14
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: Nil
Intelligence: 2
XP Value: 35

Poisonous: target struck must Save vs poison or or suffer from gut-wrenching cramps and nausea (-2 to attack rolls, saving throws, and AC) for 2d12 hours.

Noxious Bug Men are protective and territorial insect like humanoids standing between 5’ and 6’ tall. Their chitinous bodies have numerous appendages of varying sizes. While of very low intelligence, they do an admirable job of tending to and protecting their hive.

Any intruders to their hive are identified and slain as quickly as possible, and used as food for their larva.


Nov 24, 2022

The Battle Turkey

A new playable character race.

Battle Turkeys are the last remaining members of an ancient race nearly hunted to extinction for their delicious flesh.

Those that survived have become battle-hardened and inured to danger. They are fiercely combative and proud of their heritage. They are fighting for the day their people can once again have a land they can roam free in.

The Battle Turkey has the following special abilities:

Limited flight: they can fly in short bursts up to 120' and must rest 1-4 rounds before making another flight. This also allows them to fall from great heights with little or no damage. Falls up to 120' they take no damage. Falls from greater heights they take half damage.

Defense: +1 AC due to their thick feathers.

Dimwitted: battle turkeys have -1 Intelligence.

Nov 22, 2022

Nov 21, 2022

Mystery Map - Haven of Kenyx the Cursed


Kenyx was a paranoid sovereign of Baulphor, he had a secret lair built far underneath his palace. The knowledge of it was once lost, but the entrance has recently been uncovered. What great treasures might it hold? What deadly traps may the paranoid ruler have set?

Nov 15, 2022

Projects Update

 I just sent an update out to the Gunslinger backers with an update on the project.

Placeholder wrap-around art, not final

The book has been sitting at around 90% done for a while because I keep editing, refining, and rewriting certain sections. I liken it to panning for gold, I don't tend to be very verbose in my writing. I like to make things succinct, which is a much harder way to write. 

The current todo list looks like this:

  • Refine Movement Rules
  • Tighten Class Abilities
  • Fill out Random Encounter Tables
  • Finish Critters Section (80% done)
  • Fill out Treasure Tables
  • Complete On the Arizona Hills adventure (90% done)
  • Complete Preview Chapter of Princess of the Red Planet Adventure (50% done)
  • Finish Maps
  • ~25 Illustrations remaining

Aiming to be done with Gunslinger before the end of the year. Then again I thought this would be done in June. So what do I know?

Princess of the Red Planet

Progress on Gunslinger means progress on the Princess of the Red Planet adventure. I have an unhealthy addiction to making covers of books that may or may not ever be published. I've made several experimental covers for the PotRP adventure. While I like the homage to Keep on the Borderlands, there is something about those really old duo-tone module covers that are appealing too.