Oct 13, 2011

Oct 8, 2011

More John Carter Images

A flood of new images for John Carter of Mars directed by Andrew Stanton have appeared online.

My general impressions: tharks look great, the movie is going to have a very "naturalistic" feel (not as computer generated looking as Avatar was for example), woola looks strange but accurate, costumes are pretty cool. I'm not that wild about the ship, but the glimpse of it from the trailer makes me think it will look alright animated.

See more here:

Oct 2, 2011

A Fire & Ice Remake?

The Frazetti/Bakshi movie Fire & Ice is interesting. It is a movie I really wanted to like. There are some powerful visual elements, but the story could be stronger. I still enjoyed it, even when I recently rewatched it.
Now Robert Rodriguez (of Spy Kids fame) is going to do a live action remake. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2011/07/26/exclusive-images-robert-rodriguezs-sexy-concept-art-for-fire-and-ice/
One of my favorite artists James Gurney did many of the backgrounds for the original (he has been posting quite a bit about it lately). Now another favorite artist, Justin Sweet, is doing some concept work for the remake.
The interest to the OSR is obvious as Frazetta epitomizes much of the fantasy genre that inspired the original dnd.