Nov 27, 2017

Old-School Character Sheet

I've been looking at a lot of character sheets lately, and had this idea for a layout based more on rows rather than columns like most character sheets are. It's not amazing or particularly innovative, but I like the legibility of reading ability scores across the rows rather than down columns. This also allowed for grouping all the essential combat stats across right below them.

Please feel free to download it and test it out. If I get some useful feedback I can make some modifications if called for.

Nov 14, 2017

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Review

A typo and misspelled words filled review, but some very good points are made and it is overall positive. The point is, if you love (or just like) the pulp genre then Raiders is an excellent addition to your game library. For game masters who don't mind making occasional rules calls (it is OSR after all!) you should enjoy it.