Jan 31, 2007

Name this Quest

If this was a Quest card what should it be named and how should it work? Sometimes when designing a set I just create some interesting image and then design the card later. This is one of those cases.

Jan 29, 2007

Dungeoneer comic #1

Back when we were working on the first expansion for Dungeoneer, Vault of the Fiends, my friend James Kei did a short comic set in the Dungeoneer World. It follows the adventures of Nord as he confronts Ramalith in the Vault of the Fiends.

Over the next 9 weeks I will post a page each Monday from the comic for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Jan 26, 2007

Ask the Dungeonlord

New Dungeoneer player Kravell asks:
I am eagerly awaiting the Dungeoneer RPG and that has led me to the card game on which it is based (good marketing idea there).

Two questions. What set is recommended to start and what optional rules are most recommended? I saw somewhere that prebuilding the map is recommended for instance.

I play D&D 3.5 a lot and have played many board games like Runebound and card games like Star Wars. I like strategy, cool characters, and the chance for a lot of interaction between players in a board game.


The Dungeonlord responds:
Hello Kravell,

Glad you are interested in Dungeoneer. Tomb of the Lich Lord is generally considered the best to start with. The best options are summarized in the latest rules available here. Pre-building the map is a good one, though for your first couple of games I would recommend playing standard rules.
Of particular interest to the Dungeonlord is that excitement for the Dungeoneer RPG is building.

Jan 24, 2007

Sorceress sketch

This is for an improved version of Spell Focus, a classic spell from Tomb of the Lich Lord. One of the things those in playtests have heard me complain about is how much freaking art it takes to make one of these Dungeoneer sets. There are 110 cards in a set, and each illustration takes me about 1 day to do, sometimes more. Not every card is a unique illustration, there can be about 90 illustrated cards when you remove things like trackers, summaries and duplicates. That's 90 days of art! I don't make that much in return on a set, so Dungeoneer truly is a labor of love. Astute players have noted that there have been more duplicates in recent sets, a cost cutting measure, but it also makes for a better game because it adds to the consistency of cards. But I've figured out another way to re-use art, and that is to make the hero card art be the "signature Boon" of that hero, so that same art can be used on the Boon (or possibly Treasure) card. In this case this is the illustration for the sorceress and also for the more powerful Spell Focus Boon.

Jan 22, 2007

Studio Denmark at Kublacon

Our table at Kublacon has been confirmed. We will be running demos, showing previews, and have unique products you can't get elsewhere. Come join the fun at our favorite San Francisco Bay Area convention!

I might even show a sneak peek of the Dungeoneer RPG. :)

Jan 20, 2007

Dungeoneer RPG design blog

Richard Plockington, the primary writer on the Dungeoneer RPG being published by Goodman Games has started a design blog where you can see some of the ideas and process going into the creation of this exciting new product. Richard is known for his excellent Dungeon Crawl Classics he has written. In particular I thought The Sunken Ziggurat was very fun.

Jan 19, 2007

Tentacle Beast

Yes, it's true I've been working on a new Dungeoneer set. It has not been announced yet, and I'm not ready to reveal the theme or much else about it. However, I will post this sneak peek of art. Enjoy. :)

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