Ask the Dungeonlord

New Dungeoneer player Kravell asks:
I am eagerly awaiting the Dungeoneer RPG and that has led me to the card game on which it is based (good marketing idea there).

Two questions. What set is recommended to start and what optional rules are most recommended? I saw somewhere that prebuilding the map is recommended for instance.

I play D&D 3.5 a lot and have played many board games like Runebound and card games like Star Wars. I like strategy, cool characters, and the chance for a lot of interaction between players in a board game.


The Dungeonlord responds:
Hello Kravell,

Glad you are interested in Dungeoneer. Tomb of the Lich Lord is generally considered the best to start with. The best options are summarized in the latest rules available here. Pre-building the map is a good one, though for your first couple of games I would recommend playing standard rules.
Of particular interest to the Dungeonlord is that excitement for the Dungeoneer RPG is building.


Anonymous said...

Question: Recover the Golden Chalice Explained. What areas are
considered the entrance? WHat does it mean discard the token to force target (treasure) to be discared?
Example Entryway=Altar of reparation maps I step to the altar, put the token on it and then step on the entryway for the completed quest. Cost 2 movement!?

Thomas Denmark said...

Entrances have the "entrance symbol" (looks like a little castle tower).

If someone else has a Treasure in play you can force them to discard it.

(only 2 1/2 years later for an answer. not bad huh?)