Name this Quest

If this was a Quest card what should it be named and how should it work? Sometimes when designing a set I just create some interesting image and then design the card later. This is one of those cases.


Anonymous said...

Push Back the Darkness:

Perhaps search for a magical lantern to chase the shadows from the Maiden (who would be in a certain spot)?

ForestRunner said...

Banish The Mist Horror

Threat-Heroic Quest

To complete this Quest, while on (x location) overcome Magic Threat (y+).

Fail: take 1 wound and hero is relocated to last space prior to entering (location x).

+1 Heroic Level
+2 Glory
+1 Wound

"Unspeakable horrors lurk within the mists."

ForestRunner said...

Banish The Mist Horror (Epic Version)

As above Heroic Quest version with these changes:

Value of Magic Threat (y+) is increased or maybe even incorporate level of hero into threat value.

Fail: Hero takes 2 wounds instead of 1, with relocation condition being the same.

+1 Epic Level instead of Heroic Level
+4 Glory instead of +2 Glory.

Thomas Denmark said...

I like these. How should Push Back the Darkness work?

ForestRunner said...

Seal the Dark Pact

Effect/Sacrifice - Heroic Quest

To complete this Quest, discard a readied permanent boon and pay 1 movement when your hero is on (location x).

Announce that your hero has -1 magic against (monster type y) while you have this Quest in play.

"The Powers of Darkness can reward brave adventurers....for the right price."

(An Epic version of the quest would see both the sacrifice and announcement penalty beefed up).

Anonymous said...

Push Back the Darkness (how it might work):

Search +7 while on any ??? space (depends on set) to find the Lantern. +1 for each space from Entrance. Place token on Quest.

At any time you may discard this token to gain +2 against an Undead creature. Must Search to find again.

Discard this token while on the (Shadowed Maiden) space.

Anonymous said...

Resist the Death Spell.