Quest Points

In the original Dungeoneer each completed Quest gained your hero a level. Each level was a significant increase in power.
In World of Dungeoneer Quests give you Quest Points. These Quest points required are the level you gain for your completed Quests. For example level 2 only requires 2 Quest points, while to go from 2 to 3 requires 3 Quest points. This greatly evens the game out between level 1 and level 2 characters. Also harder Quests can give more Quest points, while easy Quests only give 1 point.
Also, you see the card frame for Quest cards has changed a lot.

Dungeoneer: Oldie But Goodie

A nice little review of Dungeoneer by Da Bear on Paradigm Infinitum
So, why do I enjoy Dungeoneer?
Let’s see. It’s a simple card game. Easy to carry around, set up and play. It handles well with 2-4 players and maintains a certain degree of ‘evilness’ in that you have to play Peril cards at other players. You get to level your character up. Get loot, kill monsters. In short, it has all the things that most hack and slash players would want in a game.

Learn How to Play Dungeoneer Videos

BlackBeltGaming has posted a series of videos as he walks through setting up Tomb of the Lich Lord and playing Roderick Talus the Paladin vs. Tannin Shadefoot the Rogue.

I'm Running a Demo at Gamescape in San Rafael

Game #2 – A Darklord Emerges!
World of Dungeoneer 3-5 Players
GM - Thomas Denmark
Mon Jan 30

The Darklord and his minions are marching across the freelands of Tarnyss. A ragged band of heroes is all that stands between enslavement and peace. You can defeat the Darklord by beating back his armies, by crushing his dungeon strongholds, or by destroying the artifact of evil that gives power to the Darklord. You will face impossible quests and overcome heroic challenges to win – or you will die trying…

World of Dungeoneer is an RPG-like boardgame set in a grim fantasy world. It is based on the popular card game series published by Atlas Games. At the start of each game, a “Darklord” card is chosen who is trying to conquer the world with his evil minions: Angrihm the Lich King and his Undead Hordes, Nakari the Queen of Darkness and her legion of Naga maidens, or Umbar the Golem Lord and his mechanized horde. Players work cooperatively against the game. The war rages on both a giant world map where armies battle, and small dungeon maps where special Quests are completed by the players’ characters. Run by the famed artist and creator of the Dungeoneer card game, this will be a great chance to try it out before it hits the shelves!