Dec 11, 2012

Thoughts on D&D Next

I admire what Wizards of the Coast is trying to do with D&D next. I think the core idea of unifying all the editions, and making a system that accommodates the many factions that have developed amongst D&D players over the years is a noble, if impossible, idea.

I was discouraged when Monte Cook left, it was a bad omen, because he was one of the best designers and writers in their talent pool. But I tend to be optimistic at heart and hope they pull it off. Wizard's recent interest in re-publishing the great products of TSR's past is an encouraging sign.

I wonder what Wizards could do to win back fans old & new alike. I have some ideas...

For the old fans I'd like to see Wizards do a serious reorganized reprint of Original D&D. Take all the books published before the Monster Manual, professionally edit and organize them into a Cyclopedia, and illustrate them in a manner that respects the aesthetic of that era and is still professional. With a nod to great classic artists and illustrators, but without the ridiculous conventions of today with its spiky armor, over sized weapons, cartoonish muscles, and garish colors. I want something a little more believable, something like this:
For the new fans I'd like to see the best of 4th, 3rd, and 2nd edition. Wizards lost me with 4th, but from what I understand it was the game balance and customizable abilities that players liked. It is not too hard to imagine how these things could be added to original D&D without killing the spirit of the original game. If they made this system modular, and these things were optional, it might work.

I've been following D&D next, downloading and reading each version. Play-testing on occasion and remain cautiously hopeful. If you are curious check out the links on RPGGeek here.

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  1. I'm one of those firmly in your first paragraph. Play-tests haven't delivered a "basic" game yet so I'm not interested in the play-tests.