Re-Imagining the DMG Cover

One of the items on my "would be fun to do someday" list is re-imagining the original ADnD covers in a modern style, but not too modern. When doing fan art or re-envisioning something a few questions come up. How far can you push it? What has to remain the same?

I've collected some references and done some sketches to answer these questions. I don't know if I'll go through with this and actually do full fledged paintings, but I might. One of the first things I sketched were the characters on the DMG and how they would look from the front. I've done a lot of character designs over the years in video games and in tabletop so I took the same approach to these designs. This first attempt is pretty safe and quite conservative with the characters. Not really changing anything. As I was doing this it occurred to me that it is not clear what the girl's character class is. Is she a thief? Or a magic-user? She seems to be holding her hand in a gesture to cast a spell, and a dagger isn't out of place for either class. I think I'm going to go with magic-user, though I suppose making her a thief would round out the party better.

The efreeti as cool as it is, has some opportunities for some really fascinating designs. Especially in the jewelry and its face.

Probably the most interesting part of this would be creating the city of brass floating over a burning ocean of oil. That could be made to look exceptionally brilliant. I haven't done any sketches for that part yet, but I am thinking how the front and back could be better integrated in a wrap around cover.


Blog Roll!

Some cool blogs I stumbled across in my recent journeys across the internets.

Nuclear Haruspex is an interesting hodge podge of stuff. Some random generators, which are always fun. Some OSR stuff, and some other ramblings about RPGs in general and GLOG (The Goblin Laws of Gaming) in particular.

Cratered Land has a variety of RPG stuff from OSR to Mechwarrior and more. And I appreciate the artists are given credit.

Whimsical Mountain. Primarily an OSR blog.

And Goblin Punch is the source of GLOG.

Here's a rotting pumpkin that looks like a face. Happy October!

3D-printed Lamborghini

3D printed Lamborghinis are hardly related to this blog, but it does relate to a post I made on predictions for 100 years from now. That post was a bit half baked and was merely a collection of ideas that had been bouncing around in my head and I wanted to get them down. Nothing new or revolutionary in those predictions, they were only my take on some likely outcomes.

One that I'm fairly certain will come true is that car bodies will be 3d printed and you'll be able to order any style you want. It'll probably have an electric chassis. An example of this becoming true is this article of someone 3d printing a Lamborghini. It is only a matter of time before this becomes widely available commercially from auto manufacturers. And they'll drive themselves. Allowing humans to actually drive a metal and glass death machine at high speeds will seem crazy to future generations.

D&D and Pop Culture: Feast of Legends

What does Wendy's and Dungeons and Dragons have in common? The Fight Against Frozen Beef!

What a surprise this was to see Wendy's published a roleplaying game. Yes, Wendy's. Even more surprising is it is really good! It's not exactly D&D, but close enough that it is unmistakably 5th edition-ish. They've even included a little campaign setting and adventure. This is so weird and remarkably cool for a fast food ad campaign.

I have fond memories of eating at Wendy's as a kid. I can't eat fast food as much nowadays, my taste buds like it but my body doesn't. Also, the one near us closed down and the nearest one is almost an hour away. This makes me want to go get one of those square burgers and a frosty and play some Feast of Legends with my kids.

You can download the free PDF, check it out:

Bookmark Adventure: Deathly Cell Of Xangarius the Berserk Princess

Deathly Cell Of Xangarius the Berserk Princess
Princess Xangarius was cursed by a vampiric sorcerer, and she was imprisoned in an impenetrable cell deep below Fendal castle.

A bookmark adventure for 2-5 characters of 5th-7th level.

  1. The entrance appears nondescript with a large plain wooden door. It is barred with an iron lock.
  2. Foyer. Two 5th level guards (common fighters) on duty armed with short swords.
  3. Guard Barracks. 2-5 5th level guards are resting here. Alerted if combat occurs in room 2.
  4. Storage room. Various kegs of wine and olive oil, crates of rice, beans, and flour.
  5. A 900gp gem can be seen under the water. A water weird guards it.
  6. Gallery of atrocities committed by Xangarius. Horrific scenes of people and animals torn apart.
  7. Five 6th level sentinels heavily armed with battle-axes and crossbows stop anyone entering. 7A. If outmatched in 7 the sentinels retreat to these alcoves to fight behind cover.
  8. Xangarius, she seems like a meek little girl, but when upset she transforms into a Vampire Spawn. If restored to normal her father will pay handsomely.