Oct 3, 2019

Bookmark Adventure: Deathly Cell Of Xangarius the Berserk Princess

Deathly Cell Of Xangarius the Berserk Princess
Princess Xangarius was cursed by a vampiric sorcerer, and she was imprisoned in an impenetrable cell deep below Fendal castle.

A bookmark adventure for 2-5 characters of 5th-7th level.

  1. The entrance appears nondescript with a large plain wooden door. It is barred with an iron lock.
  2. Foyer. Two 5th level guards (common fighters) on duty armed with short swords.
  3. Guard Barracks. 2-5 5th level guards are resting here. Alerted if combat occurs in room 2.
  4. Storage room. Various kegs of wine and olive oil, crates of rice, beans, and flour.
  5. A 900gp gem can be seen under the water. A water weird guards it.
  6. Gallery of atrocities committed by Xangarius. Horrific scenes of people and animals torn apart.
  7. Five 6th level sentinels heavily armed with battle-axes and crossbows stop anyone entering. 7A. If outmatched in 7 the sentinels retreat to these alcoves to fight behind cover.
  8. Xangarius, she seems like a meek little girl, but when upset she transforms into a Vampire Spawn. If restored to normal her father will pay handsomely.