Oct 4, 2019

D&D and Pop Culture: Feast of Legends

What does Wendy's and Dungeons and Dragons have in common? The Fight Against Frozen Beef!

What a surprise this was to see Wendy's published a roleplaying game. Yes, Wendy's. Even more surprising is it is really good! It's not exactly D&D, but close enough that it is unmistakably 5th edition-ish. They've even included a little campaign setting and adventure. This is so weird and remarkably cool for a fast food ad campaign.

I have fond memories of eating at Wendy's as a kid. I can't eat fast food as much nowadays, my taste buds like it but my body doesn't. Also, the one near us closed down and the nearest one is almost an hour away. This makes me want to go get one of those square burgers and a frosty and play some Feast of Legends with my kids.

You can download the free PDF, check it out: