Apr 19, 2024

Tower of Xthar'Drim in Isometric

 Here is the Tower of Xthar'Drim drawn in isometric. Looking at the flat top down maps wasn't always clear on how they interconnected, even with the help of the sideview. This should help.

Apr 10, 2024

Sanngríðr - Valkyrie of Violence

Time for another peek at the Book of Valkyries

Valkyrie of Violence

Demi-Goddess, Medium Humanoid, Chaotic Good

Armor Class: 2 (Mystical Armor and Shield)
Hit Dice: 12 (96 hp)
BHB: +12
Attacks: 2 attacks per round (1d10+5x2, magical battle axe Skjótt Högg)
Move: 60’, 120’ (fly)
Save: D4 W5 P5 B5 S8 (F12)
Morale: 12 (Unshakeable)
XP: 10,000
TT: F, G, H

Str: 18/+3 Dex: 17/+2 Con: 16/+2 Int: 14/+1 Wis: 15/+1 Chr: 20/+4

  • Magical Axe (Skjótt Högg): +5 to hit and damage, returns to hand after thrown.
  • Magic Helmet (Ofbeldis Hjálmr): Grants infravision and immunity to charm and fear.
  • Battle Cry: Allies within 30 feet gain +1 to attack rolls and saves against fear.
  • Divine Resistance: Resistance to non-magical weapons and spells of 5th level or lower.

Sanngridr is the Valkyrie of Violence, her name means "True Violence.” She is a towering figure of divine war and glory. Her presence on the battlefield inspires awe and fear. Clad in her mystical armor that shines like the northern lights and wielding the legendary axe Skjótt Högg (Swift Stroke), she is a force to be reckoned with. Her long, golden hair flows behind her like a banner of war as she rides into battle, her piercing blue eyes reflecting her divine origin. Known for her fierce loyalty to her allies and her mercilessness to her foes, Sanngridr is not only a fierce warrior but also a wise and fair judge of the fallen warriors, choosing who shall ascend to Valhalla. Her commanding voice echoes across the battlefield, bolstering the courage of her allies and striking fear into the hearts of her enemies. Despite her fearsome reputation, she carries a sense of honor and dignity, embodying the spirit of a true warrior.

Apr 9, 2024

Tower of Xthar'Drim

A Sword & Planet adventure for Warriors of the Red Planet

Xthar'Drim was a rogue Jedak who defied orders and broke away from Helium to form his own city state. He took the tallest tower in the ruins of an ancient city whose name is long forgotten, but is called Kith Drangor by the locals. There he began to build his kingdom, recruiting any scum and villainy that would join his ranks. He captures and enslaves others to throw into the dark pits under his tower, he uses these poor unfortunates in macabre gladiator games.

Apr 3, 2024

Rift of the Elemental Lord


Rift of the Elemental Lord

A rift to the elemental plane of ice has opened nearby that leads to an Elemental Lord's abode.

Apr 2, 2024

Rough Hewn Tomb

 A tomb to a long forgotten god-king was hewn out of solid rock. Is it filled with treasure? Or death? Most likely both.