Complete Original Dungeons and Dragons set for sale including Chainmail

Alright, I know I'm pushing a lot of stuff to sell lately, and it's Christmas time so you are being bombarded. My wife had me clean up the home office and I'm using the classic "Keep, Sell, Toss" method. So, lots of great old gaming stuff going up on ebay. A great present for that gamer in your life! (or yourself)

I'm selling my original white box set and all the expansion books for it. Chainmail through Swords & Spells. They are all in very good condition, with Chainmail having the most wear because it's been played a lot, it's still pretty good.

Original 1974 White Box Dungeons and Dragons Set




Eldritch Wizardry

Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes

Swords & Spells

Colonial Troopers: Knight Hawks Starship Combat Print Edition

A tad late with this one, but Knight Hawks has been set to Available for General Audience on Lulu. There is a Black Friday 25% sale going on today so you can get it for a good price. You can see a preview of what the book looks like inside here.

The DUNE RPG for Sale

I'm selling my near mint copy of the DUNE ROLEPLAYING GAME. Yes, the one and only super rare hard to find official Dune RPG.

With the new Dune movie well into production I pulled this book out of storage to reread it. It is a really well done book for it's day. Gorgeous art and layout. Well written. The ICON system by Last Unicorn Games was well designed. My gaming group played a lot of their Star Trek RPG, but we never got a Dune game going. So I only got to read it and imagine how fun it would be to play.

It is a great relic for any Dune fan, and rarely comes up for auction. If you are interested check it out:

It sold for US $162.50
There were 402 page views. 10 watchers. 15 bids.

Blog Roll

Some blogs I've been reading this week. These come via a dive into J. Eric Holmes epic Blue Book Basic D&D the first and original "retro-clone". This week's adventure started with watching Capt. Corajus' RPG Retro Review of Tower of Zenopus, which led me to hunting down map revisions of the Tower and wandered across several excellent blogs. These aren't all necessarily focused on Holmes' Basic, they just happened to be what I stumbled across.

And of course the boss daddy of Holmes' Basic:

Bionic Blade

Bionic Blade
Lara Parsifal Sierra
Human Gadgeteer
Level: 5
HP: 50
EP: 7
AC: 17
DR: 8
Str: 25 Dex: 19 Con: 17
Int: 18 Wis: 14 Chr: 14
Class Abilities: Repair 1d8 per turn
Gifts: Hacker
Powers: Armored, Constitution, Super Striker, Super Strength
Gadgets: 5 body, arms, legs
Issues: Disability (no limbs)
Equipment: Data pad, wireless modem, Long Sword (right arm), Daggers (left hand)

Lara Parsifal Sierra, known as the Bionic Blade is a cybernetically enhanced human.

She was a top research scientist for the Mintal Corporation researching prosthetic limbs when a terrorist attack blew up the facility she was in. She was found barely alive, her colleagues used their advanced tech to rebuild her body and save her life.

Once she uncovered corruption in Mintal as they were manufacturing weapons for nefarious groups around the world, she left to do her own private research. She uses her advanced knowledge of robotics, electronics, and engineering to make the most advanced prosthetics in the world which she uses on herself to fight corporate corruption and crime.
This is a new feature where once a week or so a new NPC for the Guardians Super Hero RPG is described.