Jul 12, 2024

What does D&D smell like?

 So I stumbled across this Kickstarter that is selling a "scent machine" that you load with smells to enhance your D&D game, like Ogre, Elf, Red Dragon, and so on.

Part of me says this is a terrible idea, another part of me wants it.

Is this an awful idea or a great one?

Scent Machine Kickstarter

Jul 10, 2024

D&D 2024 Stat Block

 This little tidbit has been leaked showing what the stat block will look like in 2024 D&D.

Not a whole lot different from 5th edition, perhaps a little more legible and an easier layout.

via Bob World Builder

Jun 28, 2024

Gunslinger RPG - Now Available

 It is official. The final full version of Gunslinger RPG core rules are now available on DriveThruRPG.


It was a wild ride, and it is a relief to finally have it out there. I hope you all enjoy it.

Gunslinger Week - Final Preview

 Gunslinger goes to press today.

In this final installment of Gunslinger Preview Week here are a couple of the never before shown full page illustrations for the book. This will give you some kind of idea of the kinds of adventures you will go on in the game. This first one is "Bug Hunt" where a couple of daring gunslingers abscond with some giant wasp eggs to sell to the Smithsonian, hopefully for a good sum.

The second illustration, a native overlooks some gunslingers exploring mysterious ruins found in a hidden canyon. Could this lead to the fabled Arizona Underworld?

And in the last one a gang does a fast getaway after robbing a bank, will you go after them for the reward money? Or is your party of outlaws one of the gang members?!