Feb 14, 2024

Guardians Revised Playtest

 For a little over a year now David Pulver and I have been working on a revised version of Guardians. I'm still amazed that Guardians is a Gold best seller on DriveThru. The intent was to make a supers RPG that was as close to the original edition as possible, but this obviously required a lot of new game mechanics and material that weren't in the original. So characters came out a bit like Gamma World, in that they start out with strong powers. Some have compared it to Villains & Vigilantes, a game I'm not very familiar with beyond the ads in old Dragon magazines. 

At any rate, I've been collecting as much feedback, comments, and suggestions over the years on the game as I could find. Just yesterday I found a great super-harsh critique. What's so great about a bad review you might wonder? Well, they're the best! It provides honest feedback that can help improve a product.

Here are a few highlights from that critique:

We found the character creation to be a bit clunky and vague and it took forever.

Some powers seemed to be more powerful than other powers. I understand this isn't exactly a 'balanced' game in a modern rpg sense so that's fine but it just didn't seem consistent. 

Starting characters get SO MANY POWERS/GIFTS/GADGETS AND three hit dice at first level. This makes the game incompatible with other White Box/OSR games and undermines one of the key selling features: compatibility with other OSR games. 

Powers and Features need cleaning up and rewording in a more generic "effect-based" manner that reminds the players to create some kind of justification for the power. 

The knee jerk reaction could be to get defensive, but but...and explain away the problems. Instead of asking yourself how can character creation be less clunky? How can we make the balance more consistent? It will never be balanced, it is a superhero RPG, they are never balanced despite claims to the contrary, but can it be more cogent? How can it be even more compatible with White Box? Could the Powers be reworded better?

And that is what we are trying to do. Not change the game, it has been far more successful than I expected, but how can we clean up the verbiage and tighten up the game to make it better?

And the most significant update is the art. It is crammed full of much higher quality art, while hopefully still feeling somewhat "silver age".

This is all leading up to an invitation to you. Please join us in playtesting and critiquing the Revised Edition to make it even better. You can be part of this by joining the Forum and sending an IM to the admin requesting to join the Guardians Playtest. Thanks!

Join here: https://nightowlworkshop.freeforums.net/

This is a limited time offer and will expire once we have enough playtesters.

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