Jun 10, 2024

Gunslinger - Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Art

 June is the month Gunslinger goes to press. Come hell or high water it is getting finished. So I imagine I'll have to do a postmortem at some point to pinpoint why it took so long and how to make future projects more efficient. 

Looking at the art folder there are over 200 art assets.


This is a one man operation, I did have some help editing and playtesting, but the writing, design, graphics, layout, and art are all my responsibility. Just back of the envelope math if each art asset took 4-6 hours to make (some took a lot more, a few took less). That is 1200 hours of work.  I have a full time job, and I'm a dad, so that had to be done between life responsibilities. And that doesn't include the writing, editing, playtesting, research, and design where the bulk of my time was spent. This project got to be a little ridiculous. I thought it was going to be a quick little OSR western. If I had been smart about it that is what Gunslinger would have been, but nope.

The book itself is clocking in at 134 pages. The kickstarter version is a little longer because it includes a prelude chapter to the Princess of the Red Planet adventure. By RPG standards 134 pages isn't huge, but note that it is the cream of the research and playtest efforts. Not a lot of drivel in it, like most RPG's have.

In the end nobody cares how long something took to make. The product stands or falls on its own. All I can say is I did my best on it. This month, June, the book goes to press. Fin.

For some reason I thought illustrating every critter was a good idea.

May 20, 2024

Geirdriful - Valkyrie of Flinging Spears

 The OSR version of Book of Valkyries is slowly nearing completion. I've enjoyed digging into Norse, and greater germanic mythology for research. The stat blocks I've been using are closest to BECMI (because of the expanded ability score table) with a few modern touches such as ascending AC and including a Base Attack Bonus, and also dual axis alignment.

Valkyrie of Flinging Spears

Demi-Goddess, Medium Humanoid, Neutral Good

Armor Class: 18
Hit Dice: 10 (45 hp)
Base Hit Bonus: +7
Attacks: 2 spears (1d8+3 dam. each)
Move: 60' (20') / 180' (60') flying
Save: D12 W11 P10 B13 S14 (F10)
Morale: 11
XP: 2,500
Str: 18/+3 Dex: 16/+2 Con: 15/+1
Int: 14/+1 Wis: 16/+2 Chr: 18/+3

Spear Mastery: Geirdriful can throw her spears with perfect accuracy up to 120'.

Divine Resilience: Immune to charm and fear effects.

Geirdriful (“Spear Flinger”) has golden hair and gleaming armor as she soars through the skies. Her eyes, sharp and focused, miss nothing in the chaos of battle. Geirdriful wields a half dozen ornate spears, each imbued with the power to strike true from any distance.

May 13, 2024

Formidable Fighter

Ever wondered what the fighter on the cover of the red box Basic D&D book looked like? Has Wizard's recent shenanigans caused some confusion? No worries, his face was already shown in this toy released last year!


May 6, 2024

Gunslinger Update #18

Incredible progress! We're well on our way to wrapping Gunslinger up.

Here is where everything stands:

Writing and editing are complete. Much thanks to those who participated in the review and gave us feedback and caught some typos. The core rulebook has been complete for sometime now. Though I reread it everyday and always find some little phrasing to tighten up. This is normal and happens all the way up till the moment I hit send to the printers. You can never reread it too many times.

Maps are done (whew)! 

Horse colors! So I added a page in the back that describes colors for your basic mounts with full color illos. This is unique to the Kickstarter edition.

Still working on the art. I peg it at 90% complete. I tried to create a blend of action, adventure, and spontaneity. Those who backed the Artist Edition Tier will be getting a well crafted original pen and ink drawing.

The full  rulebook is up on DriveThru and has been given to all backers, it will be updated with final art when that's done. Physical books will be shipped then. 

What's left? The included adventure: On The Arizona Hills is nearly done, it got a little bigger than expected, it is chock full of locations, NPC's, and opportunities for adventure, enough to keep your player's entertained for quite some time.

The question you all want to know; when will it be shipped? I keep blowing past the dates as the project kept getting more ambitious than intended, and I kept wanting to make it better (a friend once told me "better is the enemy of done!" its true). I've worked on this game virtually everyday but Sundays since the Kickstarter closed, it has been a great lesson in what to do and not do! If I do another KS I'll be sure the project is 100% done first so I can hit send to printers the moment the crowdfunding finishes.

Ok, that date? June. It will be done, shipped, in June this year.

Happy trails pardner.

Apr 29, 2024

2nd Edition Monster Super Compendium

2nd edition AD&D has its advocates and critics. As a long time critic I've slowly moved into the advocate  column. In particular the Campaign Settings during that era were fantastic. Something else TSR did well were the many, many, many monster books. 

And someone collected all of them into a searchable database. All. Of. Them. Over 3000 monsters!

Yeah, this website is crazy. Easy to navigate, and it has virtually every monster ever made for 2e AD&D, including from the magazines and various sourcebooks and campaign settings. One of the very good things about 2e was how complete the monster stat format was, almost too much. So it works for any edition of the game you want to play.

Check it out: