Sep 4, 2007

Dungeoneer Scenarios Design Diary 2: pre-designed maps

Dungeoneer Scenarios will contain several illustrated scenarios for you to get the most out of your Dungeoneer sets. Since I want to provide a wide variety of pre-constructed Dungeon layouts it would not be an option to print out poster-sized maps for retail purchase.

An idea I have been toying with for sometime is having pre-constructed Dungeons printed on canvas. This would be a flexible, durable, and portable "game board" in addition to looking and feeling cool. The problem is printing on canvas is quite expensive! There are some POD (print on demand) options, but each Dungeon would cost $40 or so for a decent size. However, for those who are really interested some of the best scenarios will be available on my Zazzle storefront so players will have the option of purchasing printed scenarios on canvas or heavy-weight poster paper.

We are still looking for scenario submissions if you have a good idea for a pre-constructed Dungeon, or Wilderness, or both!