May 20, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Final Sneak Peek

In this final installment of Legendary Dungeoneer sneak peeks we will reveal the most powerful card, and the core concept of the game.

As with all sets since Realm of the Ice Witch, the legendary set includes a card with special rules. These rules alter the base environment of the game to give the set its own special flavor. These special rules are, of course, optional, but I think you will enjoy trying them out.

Nakari, the Queen of Darkness and Goddess of Serpents likes fiends. Well, really she loves fiends. Those who worship her too much may just find themselves...changing. The Wrath of the Serpent Goddess allows fiends to become cheaper and cheaper to play (their Peril cost is reduced) as the game advances. In addition her most faithful followers, her priestesses become more deadly.

When the Lair of Nakari is placed it triggers a special event. The Legendary Quest: Defeat Nakari becomes active as a global Quest (anyone can attempt it). And Nakari appears in her lair.

And revealed at last, the Queen of Darkness herself, the Serpent goddess!

As I write this, copies of Legendary Dungeoneer should be in the Atlas Games warehouse ready to be shipped out to game stores and to those who have ordered the game all over the U.S. If you can make it to Kublacon this weekend I will be there with a copy waiting just for you. :)


May 13, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peek

Welcome to another Legendary Dungeoneer sneak peek! This week we bring you the second most powerful card in the deck. If you are familiar with Dungeoneer you will immediately recognize frightening stats like an 8 Melee and a 7 Magic and a 5 in Speed which is also a standard-attack! Nakari's Daughter has the power shared by all "boss" monsters of being immune to wards like Repel, her attacks inflict multiple wounds (except Speed attack which does the default 1-point of damage). But she also has the dreaded "explode" like the Bug-a-bear in the original Tomb of the Lich Lord inflicting damage even if she is killed. And she's not nearly as strong as her mother...

May 7, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peek

The original Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord featured a map card called Well of Healing. It was one of the few places a hero could go that wasn't filled with danger. It had a low Peril value and it provided the opportunity to heal wounds. Every Dungeoneer set since then has had a variation of this idea. Legendary Dungeoneer takes this idea to a whole new vicious level. Here is Chamber of Channeling:

Here you can recover wounds, but you "channel" that wound to an opponent! Of course there is a cost, 4 Peril and it does take two movements to perform. That's it for this sneak peek, next week we'll begin to take a look at the really powerful stuff you'll find in Legendary Dungeoneer: Wrath of the Serpent Goddess.