Nov 30, 2008

Character sheets 3

I have neglected posting here far too long. Things have been moving slowly and I even had to set aside working on the Dungeoneer RPG for a time to regather my thoughts.

The goal has been to create an RPG that can be played out of the box, with minimum set-up time, and accommodate an evening quick play or an extended campaign. Which by campaign I mean a game where the players take their heroes from lowly adventurers to legendary heroes over the span of about 3 game sessions each lasting 4-8 hours.

One of the biggest challenges has been the character sheets. Our editor wanted large full-color sheets, lavishly illustrated, easy to read and dynamic. I have posted earlier attempts that had various levels of success. This is the latest, and best I think. It has really been streamlined! Now all stats are tracked on one bar for instead read - no searching around to find the stat you are looking for.

I really liked the earlier sheets that were in "landscape" orientation, because it maximized the play area for where the cards go. But I didn't like how the information on the sheet looked. In this "portrait" version I looks dramatic as well as being well organized. Form and function as they say. I'll be curious to here your reaction. Until then, happy Dungeoneering!