May 8, 2008

Character sheets 2

Here is a revised version of the character sheets. After much feedback we've adjusted some of the positioning. Below you can see it in action with tokens that indicate your latest peril, glory, melee, magic, speed, and life scores. Yet to be revealed are the calling and culture cards, which is how you customize your base Hero!

May 5, 2008

Dungeoneer RPG Hero sheets

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been working hard on the Dungeoneer RPG! As a just reward for your patience I present a work in progress Hero sheet for your review. This is where you can track your character's progress from lowly novice to Legendary Hero!

We are trying hard to eliminate the need for a pencil and scrap paper. The number slots are for tokens that are provided to track your current Melee, Magic, Speed, Life, Peril, and Glory scores. The rest of your character is tracked with cards, such as Treasures, Skills, and Spells.

The card slots you see are for character creation. You select a Calling (kinda-sorta like "alignment" in classic fantasy RPG's), a Culture (kinda-sorta like "race") and baked into the sheet will be the Heroic level card represented by the Hero sheet. This hero card is printed on the right edge so that just like in the Dungeoneer card game you can slide the Epic and Legendary level cards underneath to reveal your progression by level. For this example I just plopped in the classic Paladin from the original Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord set - so you can see just how compatible the RPG is to the card game. But of course we will have unique Heroes and their "race" will not be printed there, since that is determined by the Culture card you choose.

Culture determines where you hero was raised and to what race. Such as a woodland gnome or a savage human or an imperial elf. These provide basic stats for your hero which modifies your total stats. Such as +1 Magic for an imperial elf.

Calling determines the reason your hero is, well, a Hero. Is he out for Justice? Revenge? Honor? These are just a few of the callings. These give your hero bonuses when performing certain actions in the game, and especially for the types of Quests he chooses to complete.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. I'll try to post more frequently - the time is getting short when this goes to press!