May 8, 2008

Character sheets 2

Here is a revised version of the character sheets. After much feedback we've adjusted some of the positioning. Below you can see it in action with tokens that indicate your latest peril, glory, melee, magic, speed, and life scores. Yet to be revealed are the calling and culture cards, which is how you customize your base Hero!


  1. Thomas, I've followed the development of Dungeoneer for a long time and it looks like everything I had hoped and more.

    What seems uncanny to me is that Dungeoneer's design philosophy seems to run parallel with D&D4e.

    Both games seem to attempt to offer a taste of old school dungeon-crawling and highlight the "game" aspect of a roleplaying game by providing a focused experience, lowering the entry barrier and increase reliance on physical aspects of roleplaying (quest cards, grids, minis, etc...)

    There are very few game designers who are really pushing roleplaying and I feel you may be doing just that.

    It's also interesting to note that your game was in design before 4e was even announced so this is really parallel thinking rather than lifting ideas.

    And for what it's worth, although I think D&D4e looks like a nice game and I hope it succeeds, I think Dungeoneer is much more in line with what I need.

    Looks like you aren't kiddding when you speak of streamlining some aspects of the typical roleplaying experience. These character sheets are one more brilliant example.

    This is a game I hope I can pick up soon and enjoy with gamers and non-gamers alike and with people of all ages.

    Before I leave, I must also thank you for persevering. It seems Dungeoneer has been designed for a long time and I'm glad that small companies and individuals such as you can see such an amazing project come to completion.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Consonant Dude,

    I've been reading through the new 4e D&D. They've taken the game in a direction that is much more in line with MMO's like World of Warcraft.

    We're trying to condense the role-playing experience into a convention-length campaign. Your typical gaming convention is 3 days, and we'd like a Dungeoneer RPG campaign to max out at 3 days of play taking your character from a level 1 hero to a 10th level legend.

    In this day and age filled with so many entertainment choices, we wanted to get our old-skool RPG fix without sacrificing time. Hopefully Dungeoneer RPG succeeds at that.