Jul 19, 2008

Hero sheets continue to evolve

First I must apologize for the time between posts. Even though things have been quiet here work does continue on the Dungeoneer RPG. The Hero sheet has been refined, and while the changes may seem minor, they are important and reflect the level of polish we are putting into this deluxe box set.

Also, to the left, you can see the cover image for the Dungeoneer RPG has been updated. This is the latest version of the cover, but it does not mean it is the final version. Though that is almost certainly the illustration that will be on it. You can look forward to meeting the Dragon Queen's pet in the Dungeoneer RPG...

On a final note, I have been getting a LOT of emails about Dungeoneer Scenarios. I want to assure everyone that it is still in development. And while it has taken a back seat to the Dungeoneer RPG, I do continue writing every week on it. I was hoping to have it done in time for Gen Con, which I will be at, but that is looking like an impossibility.

Until next time, Happy Dungeoneering!


  1. Thomas,

    Can't wait until the RPG comes out!

    Honestly though I think I like the V2 character cards better. The new ones look a bit cramped and the bowed shield line (combined with the designs on the shields) is really too busy. I think in the long term, as a gamer I'd prefer the phases not be on the sheet for better simplicity and a cleaner card.

    The box on the left that breaks the card border is distracting as well

    Not banging on you, I love Dungeoneer, just wanted to give some constructive criticism. :)

    -- Geb --

  2. I think this is very good feedback. We are removing the turn summary.

    The box breaking the border is important to the game mechanic. Just like in the card game how Heroic, Epic, and Legendary hero cards are overlapped - you can do the same with Epic and Legendary Hero cards on the right side of the character sheet.

    Its OK, Bang away!