Jul 27, 2008

Ramilith: the Master of Fiends

Here is a little write up on a classic Boss monster.

They say evil is in the blood, and that would certainly seem true with Ramalith. The great grandson of the legendary wizard, Zum, Ramalith was born to be a great wielder of magic. However he struggled with his apprenticeship, and could barely grasp the basic concepts of even the simplest spells. Until one day, in an alchemy lab he saw a pogling (a baby pogwai) being dissected for its components. He was fascinated at how each component could be used for various effects. The bubbling beakers of magical liquids captivated him and he knew he’d found his calling.

Ramalith became obsessed with learning every aspect of alchemy, and it wasn’t long before the piles of dead animals began to fill his study. The other students complained of the horrid stench, and the mage-teachers warned him, but he pressed on. Until one day a student was missing.

There was never any proof that Ramalith had anything to do with the missing student, but all fingers pointed at him. The situation became intolerable and finally he was expelled. Ramalith left the school, bitter and dejected. He vowed to show them how great he truly was.

Ramilith opened an apothecary shop on the fringes of Palanthion, and earned a reputation for having the most effective potions. As his reputation grew, rumors started appearing that he used the blood of people in his formulas. Then a rash of children started disappearing, and strange, foul beasts were spotted in the surrounding countryside. Again Ramilith found himself the center of accusations. He was banished, and run out of town.

Traveling to the very edge of the Dunwin wastes, Ramalith found an abandoned fortress. He built an impenetrable vault in the dungeon under the ruins, and once again resumed his experiments. Even more hideous creatures have begun to appear in the scarcely populated towns nearby. Devouring crops and livestock, they have been increasing in strength and numbers. The call has gone out for bold adventurers to seek out Ramalith, and stop his evil work.

Ramalith: The Master of Fiends
Life: 2 4 7
Melee (S) 5 6 7
Magic (S) 4 6 8
Speed (C) 4 4 5

SA Heroic:
Immune to Wards.

SA Epic:
Fiends cost 1 less Peril while Ramalith is attacking or in a Pack.

SA Legendary
Fiends have +1 to all attacks while Ramalith is attacking or in a Pack.

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