Oct 8, 2011

More John Carter Images

A flood of new images for John Carter of Mars directed by Andrew Stanton have appeared online.

My general impressions: tharks look great, the movie is going to have a very "naturalistic" feel (not as computer generated looking as Avatar was for example), woola looks strange but accurate, costumes are pretty cool. I'm not that wild about the ship, but the glimpse of it from the trailer makes me think it will look alright animated.

See more here:


  1. For reasons I simply cannot put my finger on, I don't like the horns on the thoat. I agree with you that Woola looks kinda weird (a smidge Son of Godzilla), but the flat image in the background looks okay. The Tharks are splendid--I like that they didn't bulk them up.

  2. Cool! I don't mind Woola actually. The book makes him out to be kinda loveable (at least to Carter) and since it is Disney...