Nov 24, 2022

The Battle Turkey

A new playable character race.

Battle Turkeys are the last remaining members of an ancient race nearly hunted to extinction for their delicious flesh.

Those that survived have become battle-hardened and inured to danger. They are fiercely combative and proud of their heritage. They are fighting for the day their people can once again have a land they can roam free in.

The Battle Turkey has the following special abilities:

Limited flight: they can fly in short bursts up to 120' and must rest 1-4 rounds before making another flight. This also allows them to fall from great heights with little or no damage. Falls up to 120' they take no damage. Falls from greater heights they take half damage.

Defense: +1 AC due to their thick feathers.

Dimwitted: battle turkeys have -1 Intelligence.

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