Apr 26, 2007

Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Last week we showed you Elendus Sular the Arcane Archer so this week we will see how the hero cards combine from heroic (1st) to legendary (10th) levels.

Here is the Sorceress from the original Tomb of the Lich Lord. Any hero can be combined with any other hero in the heroic/epic/legendary chain. For example the Sorceress is heroic level and can combine with any epic level hero. Here she is combined with the epic level Spellslinger from Call of the Lich Lord to become an Elf Sorceress Spellslinger:

She could just as well be combined with another epic level hero instead such as the Mageblade to become an Elf Sorceress Mageblade:

When combined like this the 4th level stats are added with the + stats, so at 5 level the Elf Sorceress Mageblade would have 7 (6+1) Magic.

Finally we can add any legendary level hero card to upgrade the Elf Sorceress Spellslinger, in this example we add the Arcane Archer to end up with an Elf Sorceress Spellslinger Arcane Archer (whew!):

If you do not have an epic level Dungeoneer set and only have a heroic and a legendary set, not to worry! There is a simple way to combine the sets. When your hero achieves 4th level she is automatically and instantly upgraded to 7th level! But you will have to line up the card at the beginning of the legendary stats and take the 7th level stats, even if that means a lower score in something (ignore the hero race if it is different on the legendary card):

That's all for this week's sneak peek. Sorry the posting was a little late, its been hectic here around Studio Denmark making cool art for you to enjoy!