Legendary Dungeoneer: Sneak Peak

Of course Legendary Dungeoneer requires legendary treasures, and here is the infamous Axe of Retribution! With a steep price of 7 Glory you get a lot for your money: immediately gain a life (and just a little peril for balance) a whopping +3 melee and recover a life each time you score a hit! Wow. You'll notice it is categorized as a legendary weapon, this is a new rule in Legendary Dungeoneer, only legendary heroes (levels 7+) may use cards with the legendary category.

This card also represents a slight shift in the way art is used. This is also the character art for the Dwarf Barbarian hero card.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the barbarian already in the desert deck?

Anonymous said...

by slight shift in the way art is used you mean another way to be lazy and use the same art for two cards?