May 12, 2021

Bookmark Dungeon: Uncovering The Marauder

Something a little different and experimental this time.

1. A weathered and brush covered entrance leads to this cave that was carved out with strange tools. Scraps of metal litter the ground, and the remains of a few corpses. One wall is entirely made out of metal with strange markings and shapes. Two holes in the center and a smaller one off to the left lead into metallic rooms (areas 2 & 5).

2. This cramped corridor has several metal closets each with a strange circular door on them that can be opened by turning what appears to be a small wheel and latch. Each contains an alien specimen, some very hostile if allowed to escape.

3. This little corridor has 3 locked doors that make an audible whoosh when opened or closed. The floor is sterile cold metal. Strange magical white lights illuminate the area with a subtle flicker.

4. strange metal staves are arrayed with odd clothing (laser rifles and space suits). Double airlocks lead to the launch bays (areas 5).

5. This long cylindrical hallway has magic bluish blinking lights that emit no heat. Three small wheel-less carts are lined up that have a seat for one person inside them.

6. Several beds in pods fill this area (crew quarters).

7. Large metal boxes, blinking lights, strange smooth ropes, and all manner of odd gear line the walls and fills this large room. There are metallic men that are hostile to intruders that may be alerted and attack.

8. A giant black window covers the forward facing wall. There are seats in front of a table that is like a metal box with what appear to be glowing gems, metal handles, strange glyphs, and all manner of blinking lights (control room and piloting stations)

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