May 25, 2021

Clip Art - OSR Cover Template

 Of all the requests for art I get one of the most frequent is for the page texture and layout I do for my OSR roleplaying game books.

I will say, they look simple but I put quite a bit of time and effort in fonts kerning, leading, and layout and have refined the format over the years. So for those interested here is a ready made template you can use for your own OSR games. It has all you need including font information (you'll have to get those separately), background page texture, and I even made a fun little wizard logo you are free to use to show that your game is OSR friendly. Which to me means it is basically compatible with all the popular retro-clones that emulate the original fantasy roleplaying game.

As a special offer this is half price from what I've sold this template for on my website.

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