Jun 5, 2009

S&W character sheet

Because the world can always use another character sheet. I tried to keep it simple and straight forward, which is what I find so charming about Swords & Wizardry. You can always add endless details to these things.

This is just a jpeg, I'll try to get a PDF version available for download soon. Maybe after getting some feedback.

Update: uploaded the PDF to a file sharing service


  1. Very nice, I like it. Patiently waiting for the pdf. :)

  2. Nice Character sheet, reminds me of Moldvay Basic (which is always a good thing in my opinion).



  3. Hi Thomas,
    I found your S&W char sheet on the S&W forums, and really love the graphic design of it. As noted above, quite evocative of Moldvay.

    I'm pretty keen on an index card character sheet, especially for White Box, and not being so graphically gifted, would like to use your sheet as the basis, reworking it to a new layout.

    So, would you mind if I did that? I'd certainly share it at S&W to compliment your original.

    I'd also like to know what font you used. It looks familiar but I can't place it.

    BTW, I also posted this request at S&W. Not sure how often you check in there.


  4. Sure, it's a free gift to the old school gamers. Do want you like with it. The font is Maiandra.

  5. I love it. This is the S&W sheet I was looking for.

  6. I know this is reviving a really, really old post but I LOVE your WB character sheet! However, I use the "limited bonuses for high ability scores" approach. Would it be possible to see a PDF of this sheet without the list of items each ability is intended to modify?

    Many thanks

    hogscape at gmail dot com

  7. I lost my original copy and tried to DL a new one. Sadly the link is broken. Is there any other place I can find this?