Dec 14, 2016

Map Your Own Fantasy World to a Globe

Map to Globe is a nifty tool for applying a map of your fantasy world onto a 3D globe and rendering it out, and it is freely available online.

I've been playing with it, using the map of the world from Dungeoneer (called Tarna) and seeing the results. This could be a very handy tool for your own campaign.

Here is a flat version of Tarna

This is what it looked like when I applied the map to the globe:

Interesting seeing in 3d what a different impression of what the world is like!

There are a lot of other settings and options you can work with. Including height maps and night view, animations, and other things. I created a quick height map, white being highest, black being lowest elevations, and applied it.

The height map:

This is how it rendered out:

You can check out Map to Globe here: