Dec 2, 2016

Beastie: Ridgeback Manticore

Manticore, Ridgeback
HD 7
AC 16
Atk ML 1d4x2 (claws), 1d6 (bite), RNG 1d4 (tail spikes)
Save 12
Move 12/18 (fly)
CL/XP 9/850
Special: paralyzing poisonous spikes

A ridgeback manticore is a horrifying feral beast with bat wings, the face of a grinning mad man, a mouth full of sharp teeth, the body of a lion, and a spine ridged with poisonous spikes down to its tail.

The ridgeback manticore can hurl up to 3 of the spikes from its tail per round, at a maximum range of 180ft. On a successful hit the victim must Save or be paralyzed unable to perform any actions for 1-6 rounds. It only has 7-12 (1d6+6) spikes which will take 2d6 days to grow back.

A ridgeback manticore haunts rocky highlands and prefers to keep to itself. They create eccentric lairs where they collect the remains of those unfortunate enough to fall prey to it. They are also extremely intelligent and will speak the common tongue of the region they live in. Their thoughts, however, are dark and disturbing. To have a conversation with a ridgeback is to converse with madness.

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