Feb 22, 2016

Upcoming Books for March

It has been a busy year here. I'm working on a few new things to be released in March.
I've done sketchbooks in the past, but I want to start making it a regularly yearly thing. So I've compiled a bunch of recent sketches into a new book. It will make its debut at Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, and then copies will be available online. I'm going to try and make it interesting this year with a special "gamer edition" that has some stats for monsters, some adventure locations, and other goodies for your original edition game.

Next thing in the pipeline is an adventure I wrote for Warriors of the Red Planet which I've run at a few game conventions. The first time I ran it the group was more of the "roleplay & diplomacy" type of gamers and I had written the adventure as more of a Hack 'n Slash, so it was, um, interesting how it played out. The good thing that came out of that is the adventure now has plenty of opportunities for diplomacy and roleplaying in addition to good ol' kill the monster and take its loot type gaming! It is 90% done, just tying up the loose ends and a bit of art and then it will be available. This cover is still a work in progress. Originally I had a bright yellow cover, but it was a bit garish. I also played around with a version that was themed like the new books with the tan old-school texture. Ultimately I decided red-orange was the most appropriate color to fit the genre.

And the other release for March is this book I've been working on that is lavishly illustrated with monsters and encounters. I always love monster manuals and just can't get enough. Something I wanted to do with this one was to not only have a menagerie of interesting monsters, but also some NPC's, some nefarious cults, and some other interesting encounters like traps and tricks. Hopefully it is a fresh take on the old book of monsters and you'll find good use for it at your gaming table. (The title was inspired by an old Jethro Tull tune).

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