Feb 12, 2016

Mystery Map: Underworld Cutaway

Those cutaway maps of dungeon levels that appeared in the early D&D books fueled my imagination with the potential for adventure in mysterious places, underground lairs filled with fabulous treasures, ancient secrets, and strange denizens. Maps are thought inspiring creative conduits that evoke an enchanted world. I took a little time this morning to make one full of ideas for adventure locations. Many of these locations were for the Hawkmoor board game setting I've been developing.

You can purchase a 12"x18" wall map here: Hawkmoor Underworld Cutaway Map

1 comment:

  1. I flippin' love this.
    As a DM, though, I was never quite sure how to interpret/use cutaway style maps. I remember being intrigued by the one in the Wilderness Survival Guide. (I hate that book as an adult, but as a kid I checked out all the orange spine AD&D1 books from the public library)