Feb 1, 2016

Mars - Random Generators

Over on Spellbound.co.uk David Johnston has created some fun random generators that work with your Warriors of the Red Planet game.


Martian Male Names:

I also have some encounter generators for when you want a quick list of 10 potential encounters in the following terrain types.

Urban: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpurban.ipt
Ruins: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpruins.ipt
Underworld: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpunderworld.ipt
Wastelands: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpwastelands.ipt
Swamp: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpswamp.ipt
Desert: http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpdesert.ipt

and an extra one .. for plant lovers.

Flora : http://www.spellbound.co.uk/ipp/wrpflora.ipt

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  1. I have made a central resource page for all the Generators and house rules here ..