Feb 7, 2016

Guardians Q&A

A few Guardians questions answered.
First, I love the game but some things seem to be missing. Traits like Robotic Body, Computer Brain, Undead, and Super Training are mentioned but I can't find a formal description. Also, are there any modifiers to initiative? Help!
Thanks! We love that you love the game (because we love it to, its the superhero RPG that coulda-shoulda-woulda been).

Robotic Body and Computer Mind are less an omission than an informal explanation, something of an OSR tradition, but are supported in the rules. They are not powers but rather the racial traits innate to the Cyborg and Robot origins.  That is, the qualities of having an electrical body and a machine mind. Their effects were not spelled out in any one place. Rather, there are several references in the rules to how powers affect characters who have these traits: under Electrical Control, Repair  HP, Illusion, EMP, Electrical Shock, lightning, magnetic control, neutralize power, transmutation, and sleep.

Undead is simply a descriptive optional trait you may take for a supernatural character that is included for the purpose of integration with other OSR games where certain characters have special powers against the undead (e.g., clerics, magic items that affect undead, etc.). As it's an optional trait , it has no 'cost'.
Will there be a print version of this? And for Colonial Troopers as well? -James
Yes. RPGNow requires the publisher to get a proof and approve it before making the print version available. This usually takes a week or two for them to print and a copy to arrive by mail. (According to USPS tracking a copy is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, if all is well I can make the print version available to the public. Colonial Troopers is still a few days away)
How does this game differ from similar OSR-like Superhero games like Hideouts & Hoodlums, Mystery Men! and Sentinels of Echo City?
I'm not familiar with those games you mention. What I can say is Guardians is very stripped down to the basics. It has classes, levels, HP's, AC and all the familiar stuff from 0e DnD. The closest game I can think of is 1e Mutants and Masterminds (one of my all-time favorite superhero RPG's), but it is very different in its treatment of the source material. David Pulver, the co-author, worked on the original Marvel Super Heroes and there are some similarities in terms of ease of use and distillation of the very complex nature of the myriad of superhero powers possible.

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