Feb 2, 2016

Guardians at #4

So far it is looking like OSR fans are enjoying Guardians! When I checked this morning it was at #4 on RPGNow. I know these standings move around quite a bit, but it was still exciting to see. Thanks for your support! And please tell your friends about it.


  1. hi, I just saw Colonial Marines on Lulu - good luck with it !

  2. I am eagerly awaiting pdfs of guardians and colonials to hit lulu. Saw the print versions there, but pdfs are only on rpgnow. I bought the beta softcover of WotRP way back and want the new pdf as well, but not at $15, that's print price for a new softcover - yikes.
    I can see about $10 for each pdf, but damn, no discount on a digital file??? I'd just buy the book for that price, but the book is standard height and 5.5 inches wide, not very appealing to me. Digest like the beta was what I was hoping for. Either way, hoping to see all 3 titles on lulu in pdf.