Feb 7, 2017

Raiders! is Off to Print

I loaded up the files and hit submit and ordered a proof copy at 11:58pm last night. Usually takes about a week and a half to get the proof. If all looks good I'll open it up for sale on DriveThruRPG with the excellent print/PDF combo deal.

Here is the Table of Contents:
The final character class choices are: Mercenary, Treasure Hunter, and Scientist. With the Occultist as an optional class. The other character classes that didn't make the cut may turn into a separate supplement as they still need refinement (and art). But the ones we've chosen align nicely with the spirit of the Original RPG + Greyhawk.

I didn't set out to make a 124 page book! Also, the font size is smaller than previous books. It is quite packed with information. This one was by far the hardest to make. I'm a bit anxious to see how it will be received.

Also, I recently lowered the prices of two adventures:
Guardians: Power of Fear
WotRP: Mechanized Men of Mars

They are a terrific deal if you're looking for some adventures to run and want to try out these systems.


  1. Cool. Looking forward to getting this, seems like a great application of OSR retro clone rules... but, a couple questions, after looking at the preview on Lulu - is the class called Fortune Hunter or Treasure Hunter? And the preview (in the Character Creation checklist) makes mention of warriors and rogues... probably means to say Mercenaries and Fortune (or Treasure) Hunters? Also another typo I noticed, the back cover text shown there mentions "4 new character classes" but only lists 3, presumably the fourth is the optional Occultist? Sorry not to be nitpicky, just seems like maybe another quick proofread is in order? Would like to get it, but will wait if there will be some edits made... Thanks!

  2. Furthermore... If you were asking me, which of course you aren't, I'd say I prefer "Treasure Hunter" to "Fortune Hunter." Though if it was up to me, I'd probably call that class the Plunderer (assuming it's analogous to the Thief)... And for that matter, Mercenary implies motive and occupation more specifically than, say, Soldier, so in my game I might call the Fighter class that, Soldier. Sorry, that's what house rules are for, I suppose! I am curious, though - what are the additional classes that might show up in a supplement? I'm guessing some sort of Private Eye (or Detective), and Masked Man (or Mystery Man), to cover the Sam Spade and The Shadow archetypes? Again, looking forward to trying out this game. Cheers!

  3. Well, that does look like a typo on the back, should be Occultist of course! It is treasure hunter not fortune hunter. Mercenary was soldier of fortune for a long time and only changed late in development.

    I'll update that cover image.

    In terms of other classes we had a dilettante which filled the miscellaneous role of entertainer. There was also an explorer, but was way too redundant with the treasure hunter. And the academic was just kinda lame out in the field. I mean, these were all in really rough form and barely got past the concept stage.

    1. Cool, thanks for the info (and the fixes)! The 'core' classes sound appropriate if the game is tightly focussed on the 'archeological adventures' concept, but if it's supposed to be a more generic '30s 'hero pulp' game, then I'd think you'd need to consider some additional classes like the ones I mentioned... I'm curious, I know you wrote a bit about the Indiana Jones rpg pn here before, but have you ever looked into any of the other pulp rpgs from the '80s, like Crimefighters, Daredevils, and Justice Inc.?

  4. This looks quite fun!
    I'll have to pick up a copy.