Feb 7, 2017

Announcing Freebooters

Now that Raiders! is in the can, I'm looking forward to my next OSR project.


There have been a lot of Pirate RPG's over the years, I don't know if there is a definitive one within the OSR (more informed individuals than I can let me know). But I wanted to do something that was pretty historically accurate. No supernatural nonsense or anything like that, just straight up pirates seeking fortune and glory in the New World.

Ok, there is a teeny bit of supernatural in one of the optional appendices, a Voodoo character class called the Bokor, but she's done with a great deal of taste and respect for the genre and history of the region.

Here is an overview of what Freebooters will be about:
  • Character classes: Sea Rover, Musketeer, and Striker (& optional Bokor)
  • Ship-to-ship combat
  • Grappling rules
  • Lots of background detailing the rich history and adventure opportunities in the area
  • And a whole lot more