Feb 15, 2017

New Books Just in Time for Dundracon

I've been attending Dundracon for close to 20 years now. Many of those as a dealer. There was a time I did a lot of RPG character portraits, but there is only so much you can take of "my character has a small scar under his left arm pit from the time he fought the night stalker. Also make sure he has the star emblem of the fire goddess on his front and the sigil of the brotherhood of chromatic darkness on his back."

Wait, you want me to draw his front and back in one drawing? That's not possible. How are we going to see the scar under his plate mail armor? And what in the seven heavens is chromatic darkness??

"But that's what I'm paying you to do, he has to show the emblem and the sigil, that's my character, it means everything to me..."

Sorry, got off on a tangent there.

I have a ton of fun at that convention, though I've drifted more towards boardgames over the past few years, I do try to hop into the occasional D&D game or some other classic RPG I enjoy.

I announced the completion of Raiders of the Lost Artifacts and Freebooters, well copies just arrived! And they do look pretty great, probably the best ones yet. However, just a few typos that I need to fix before releasing them to the public. I was hoping to have these for sale at Dundracon, but with these typos...I know all books have typos and minor erros, however this is a little beyond the threshold. I guess I could include an errata sheet.

At any rate, I'm going to fix the typos, upload new PDFs then make them available for general sale. I still have a lot of show prep for this weekend, I'll aim for sooner but they will be available next week.

The Book of Drawings came out really good. The blacks are deep & rich, no breaking up of the lines on the pen & ink work. This one is good to go.

Hmm, drawings of pirates, I wonder why I'd be drawing buccaneers, cutthroats, and scalawags? Is that Anne Bonny and Mary Read? I wonder.