Jan 2, 2017

Top posts of 2016, Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 saw tremendous growth for this blog, while the unique visits have rocketed to well over 13,000 a month, nearly 4,000 more than last year's average, it has been interesting to see so much of the conversation move over to Google + and various forums, with only the occasional comment on individual posts here and there.

My top 5 posts this year, in terms of traffic have been:

This homage to skull mountain from the Blue Holme's edition:
5. Mystery Map: Underworld Cutaway

A partial review (which I hope to finish soon) of TSR's Indian Jones RPG:
4. The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game

Of the various previews of the new Raiders RPG I'm working on, this one was most popular:
3. Raiders Preview: Fringe Groups and Pseudo-Archeology!

And for some reason, this really old post, still ranks in my top traffic every year! I should do a follow up post to talk about what I learned from this.
2. OSR Manifesto

And the hands down winner by far was this little gem I stumbled across and immediately shared on this blog and on a cartography group I'm on:
1. Map Your Own Fantasy World to a Globe

I'm resolving to make this blog even more useful this year, creating more Beasties, more Maps, and more supplemental information ready for use in your own game.


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