Nov 25, 2016

Quetzal Lizard

Quetzal Lizard
HD 2
AC 13
Atk ML 1d6 (spiked tail)
Save 11
Move 12
CL/XP 2/150
Special: poisonous ooze

The quetzal lizard is a long, wiry creature with forward curved horns, a mouth full of sharp dagger like teeth, and a spindly tail that ends in a spiked ball. They come in a variety of colors from deep red to lime green.

It does not use its teeth or horns to attack with, preferring to face away from an opponent and swing its spiked tail which has a 10’ range.

The quetzal lizard oozes a sweet smelling acidic poison that gives its body a slight glistening look. This poison tends to splatter when the creature is struck. On any successful melee attack the attacker may be splattered and will have to make a saving throw or take 1d6 points of damage.

A successful ranged attack can also cause the poison to splatter, and anyone within 10’ of the creature will have to make a saving throw.

Quetzal lizards are found in warm damp climates. They prefer shady or dark places. Rarely do they make sounds, but during mating season the males can sometimes be heard to give a sharp, piercing cry that is returned by a low mournful howl by a female.