Nov 1, 2016


HD 1
AC 11
Atk ML (1d6) or 2 claws (1d2)
Save 16
Move 9
CL/XP 1/15
Special: night vision, carrion stench (brood)

Goblins are fecund and can produce offspring paired with almost any other humanoid. These hybrids are usually sterile, but 1 in 10 is able to further reproduce with their own kind, they will be outcasts from both sides of their parentage so eventually they form their own colonies.

One such creature is the blorc. Half goblin, half orc. If it is possible they are even more disgusting than either of their parents. With a fierce and terrible attitude to match. They will pillage, loot, and kill from anything they think they can get away with it.

They are also not too bright. And sometimes pick on beings that they should not have. This causes them no end of trouble.

The nest of a blorc is a foul den of matted fur, rotting carcasses, and shiny bits of things they have collected. There also might be 2-8 blorclings, small slimy offspring that emit a foul carrion stench. This stench generally wards off any intruders, but to those who dare to enter a blorc den must make a save or begin vehemently retching last night’s dinner. This extreme nausea can render the victim at -1 to attack rolls for 1d3 rounds.

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