Nov 21, 2016

Monster of the Week: Banth

A classic from the Warriors of the Red Planet roleplaying game.

AC: 4 [16]
HD: 7+7
Atk: bite and 2 claws
Dmg: 2d8, and 1d6 each
Save: F7
Move: 180’
The Banth is the apex predator of many wastelands, appearing as a hairless, eight-legged mass of claws and fangs with a wiry black mane. Groups of hunting Banth herd potential prey with their fearsome roars (under 4HP must save or flee for 1 turn). When fighting, two successful claws attacks allow them to rake their prey with their remaining six claws automatically for an additional 6d4 points of damage. A Banth hide is among the most coveted ornaments a warrior can possess.

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